Walking into the Beverly Hilton for LA Fashion Week will always be one of the most exciting moments in my fashion career. From the moment I arrived and laid eyes on the runway, with its bright lights and multi-cultural appeal, I knew this would be a night to remember. The sheer number of fashionistas from around the world with all the individual styles was a sight to behold and admire. I walked through the hotel admiring the beautiful artwork surrounding the event slowly making my way to the red carpet where I had the pleasure of meeting designers, artists, and fashion enthusisasts. I mingled with the likes of Johnathan Marc Stein, Matt, and Keke while we raved about eachother’s outfits, makeup, and shoes. I had the confidence of a goddess rocking my faux fur coat by Young Broke and fabulous, my beatiful gold bodysuit from 5150 fashion, and chic ripped jeans by Flesh Boutique.
As I made my way through the endless crowds of models and photographers when we were pulled me aside and directed me backstage to where the magic happens. I was overwhelmed by the diversity of style and culture that swirled around me like a whirlwind of color creativity. The rush and creative inspiration that coursed through my veins was amazing and did nothing but pull me deeper into this life of lights and fashion. We found our seats and watched in awe as collection after collection by each designer came pouring down the runway each as beautiful and inspiring as the next. My mind reeled at the idea of how each and every one of these unique pieces was once just a thought in the head of a designer, who brought it to life with the compassion and vision of a great sculptor or painter. The warmth and amazement I felt during this entire experience cannot be understated, for nothing is more beautiful than being inspired by so many creative people coming together to make such an incredible event possible. From the makeup artists to the hair stylists and designers, all the way down to the backstage crews working to add that incredible glow to each and every model. This night and the people that experienced it with me have made me realize just how passionate I am about my career with the people around the world who share all the same feelings and emotions I do in such a bright and colorful world.
I want to extend a special thank you to everyone for making this night possible.
– Drisana Justine Coons


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